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Nox Player AppIf you like playing high graphics android games then you must be familiar with the concept of what an emulator is. If not, I’ll try to summarise it in as short as possible. An emulator is an app / software that turns android based apps to Windows compatible apps so that you can use them on your computer. Now why would you want to run an android app on your Windows PC? That’s because the games / apps that have high-quality graphics wise or resolution wise also have a higher energy demand and drain your battery much fasted than anything else. Smartphone users always complain of their battery draining fast because of such games but optimizing that will pull down the performance overall. That’s why we need an emulator.

Nox 6.3.0 Updates

The 6.3.0 version of Nox Player has significantly improved Macro recording compared to the last three versions. It now supports the  restarting of the emulator timely. You can now automatically run the script after start-up. The function of batching import and export script is possible with this version. It also has added slow play script function now to help with high sound resolution games. It supports moving the entire emulator data to an another storage location ( internal / external ). FPS and Battle Royale games are smoothly supported. The setting corresponding to the right mouse button to zoom “+-“. Keyboard control was added to 2.5D / 3D games to move the view feature. Macro button was added. The “Home” and “Back” commands were fixed.

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