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Nox Player AppAll gaming buffs are familiar with the feats of an emulator. They know which one is the best possible option to suit their needs. From the specifications of each version to the availability, they know everything pronto to the release. The gamers are the ones who put any emulator to good use and utilise it to the best of its ability. Their views on the efficiency and usefulness are not to be taken lightly. The majority of the gamers think that the best available emulator in the market is. According to the user review recorded from these gamers, alongside other users with varying needs, the Nox Player is an ideal fit to suit all types of apps. This emulator enables you to convert Android apps to Windows PC compatible. The most high end of applications were successfully made compatible with the help of this emulator and were used to the fullest of their potential. The calibre of the gaming applications is relatively high.  Despite all these facts the emulator performs extremely well even under pressure.

Nox Change Log

The Nox 6.0.10 player has new features like the enablement of the automatically applicable keyboard control which some mainstream games prefer.  In the virtual locations, the default is set to the language capitals. The restart Android button on the side bar now has one click refresh desktop function which is a very helpful feature in case of high graphic games. The clean up instability issue was fixed in this version due to the complains from the users regarding it that rose with the last few updates.  

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