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Nox Player AppNox Player from Bignox is a top notch emulator available for download for free on the Google Play Store. It basically is a lightweight app for making the Android optimized applications computer friendly. The reason behind this is because the high resolution applications demand high energy expenses and drain the battery of small Android devices like smartphones and tablets very fast. This not only creates issues like battery drainage but also puts pressure on the processor which may harm the device in the long run.  To avoid this the games are recommended to be played on a computer. High gauge applications like Adobe Photoshop and Instagram require high energy input as well. That’s why apps need to be migrated or used via a computer. This is a lot easier said than done. The issue we face mostly is that the apps are developed to work on Android Operating System and not on Windows PC / Mac / etc. So that means they need a means to work with these software. An emulator provides exactly that with its function.

Nox Release Notes

The Nox Player offers a lot of upgraded and newly added features compared to the previous versions. The developers added the restart operation when /  if you want go close the emulator. The overwrite installation that was creating issues in the last two versions was fixed. The developers however believe it may cause data loss problems. The device  cannot support in “Survival Royale” game was fixed and compatibility with few other games was fixed.

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