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Nox Player AppNox player needs no introduction. It the best available emulator in the market. It gets your work done without any nonsense and does it for free. Other emulators available in the same league as the Nox player do not offer half of the features and almost no surety of stability. The most popular factor is the multi – instance feature. The lack of any lags is making people use this emulator frequently.

What’s new in Nox

The Nox player version has an upgraded Nox Player engine. The developers have improved all around memory usage. Nox player’s internet speed was corrected and enhanced. The battle game fluency was alleviated. App’s screen display was improved in terms of resolution enhancing the high graphics gaming experience. The quantity of instances was increased. It has also added batch operation, multi-instance arrange, multi-instance settings, search function etc. Developers added the synchronize multiplayer function which is causing heavily helpful with games like Battleground.

They added how to use keyboard mapping to play Android games on PC tutorial as it was confusing for amateur gamers as well as people new to the app to carry out this function. The features – instance copy ( in real time), delete, backup / import command line were added to the app. The developers solved a variety of error – reporting. It is being speculated for possibly causing stuck and crash problems. The app now offers full support for OpenGL3 games which was seen before in any of the versions.

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