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Nox Player AppEverybody was in need of an emulator. Nox gave it to us. It has revolutionised the PC usage. Now, we can use our PCs as we do our phones. It has now reduced the difference between your android phones and PC. It has made it possible to use all android platform based applications on your PC. If you also want to run android games and apps on pc, then this app is must. You should definitely give it a try. Let’s check its features-

Features of Nox 3.5.1

Following are the key features of Nox 3.5.1-

  • The app supports all android apps and runs it on PC.
  • It allows you to change player skin.
  • Easy search options are provided so that you can search any android app on it.
  • It provides you additional control options for the games app.
  • The user interface is so easy that anyone could use it.

Release notes of Nox 3.5.1-

  • To enable the users to define speed, repeat time and intervention themselves, Nox has now optimised script recorder functions.
  • In keyboard control, it has enabled the transparency degree setting.
  • It has now reduced the start up time of app.
  • Earlier version had some VPN connection issues, that have been now fixed.
  • Video card performance is now fixed.
  • CPU consumption while using app has been reduced.

Download Nox for PC


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