Download Nox 3.6.0

Nox Player AppOur phones give us a lot of options. It has made everything easy for us. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could use all those apps in your PC. Probably, Nox has heard your wish. It has made it possible to use the apps on PC so that you can enjoy all these app in big screen.

Features of Nox 3.6.0

Here are the features that this app provides you-

  • You can run all android apps in your PC.
  • It provides you a search bar where you can search for desired apps.
  • It provides you customisation options with which you can change the background of app.
  • It enables you to control the games with easy options.

Release notes of Nox 3.6.0

The company of Nox keeps releasing new updates in the new versions. Find here what are the new release notes of this version-

  • For each instance, it has fixed the window size and its position.
  • It has now reduced the size of recorded video files, which are recorded by in-buit recorder of player.
  • New functions are added. It has included two finger pinch and swipe options in app.
  • In the macro record and video record windows, display error is fixed and video resolution us now optimised.

How to download the Nox 3.6.0?

To start the download of Nox click here on the download button and install the file you with get downloaded on your PC.

Download Nox for PC


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