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Nox Player AppNox player is an android emulator which lets the users to download the android apps they want in their PCs. The thing became possible because of android emulators. Nox is one of the best emulators and hence recommended everywhere. The player comes for free of cost so users would not need to spend on it. The best thing one can find using this player is that it smoothly converts the android supported APK files into the .exe files without any human intervention. Thus one would not have to be a tech specialist to run this player on their PC.

Features of Nox

Nox player comes with numerous features which have never disappointed any of its user. The features of Nox are-

  • This app is able to run on Mac and Windows both. The separate versions for both platforms have been released by the company.
  • The player is available for free of cost so that anyone can use this app in their PC.
  • It has a simple interface which let’s users to navigate easily.
  • The app lets the users sign in into their Google play account with which they can access android market.

How to download Nox

Users can easily download the Nox app in their PC by clicking on the download button which users can get below this article. Once clicked, users would get a download page where they can choose the platform they have in their device and can download the app.

Download Nox for PC


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