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Nox Player AppIn this era, everyone wants everything compact, the size of every gadget product is getting reduced day by day. First, we got big computers that needed big rooms to get fit in, then its size gets reduced to computer of now days. Then we convert those computers into portable thing called as Laptop, Humankind don’t get satisfied by this also, and then put all the functions of laptop into a pocket: – called as smart phones. These smart phones run on different operating system. The most famous operating system is Android provided by Google. But there is one application which can help us to run android platform on our laptops or computers. This app is called Nox APP Player. Nox App Player is one of the best players in android emulation field. It helps us to emulate android environment on different computer’s operating system like Windows, or IOS. With the help of this application one can run any of the android app on his system. From gaming to messaging app, every apps are compatible to this application.

Features of Nox

  •  It gives perfect experience of android on computer; its interface is very responsive and very smooth to use.
  • It is also come up with the facility of multiple control device.
  • Even after using this application for long time, its very stable in nature.
  •  It provides us google login
  • It also a reliable one, you can’t see it lagging any time.
  •  Its performance is the best thing about it.

How to download Nox

Emulators are perfect thing to have android like experience on big screen of computers.But we should only rely on the best application, and Nox APP Player is that best application.

Download Nox for PC


  1. Hard to believe NOX is not available in a LIVE version like android 4.4 runs live on my mac and pc without installing it.


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