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Nox Player AppDo you want to access all the android apps on your PC or Mac?. Well Nox App Player exactly does that. It allows users to run all sorts of android apps on the computer and binds perfectly with the keyboard and mouse so that the UI feels like your using a smartphone.

Features of Nox

Listed below are the features this android emulator has to offer
 The application can set itself up just after the primary installation. All plug-ins and extensions required by the software is downloaded and adjusted according to the user’s system.
 The User Interface is very basic, which makes it very easy to use.
 The software automatically maps the keyboard keys to be used as controls for the Player.
 The software is very refined and stable also it doesn’t force closes apps so users don’t have to experience much bugs.
Nox Player also has support for multiple control devices.
 Doesn’t eat much background memory so users can multi task in the PC as well as in the software.

How to download Nox

Created as a virtual Box Nox Player is widely available to download over the internet. As the program supports multiple language it can be downloaded according to the user’s language preference. Click on the link given below-

Download Nox for PC


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