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Nox Player AppIn this technical era, where humans are loving the usage of apps and advancements. Sometimes ever wished that you can come out of your mobile phone and enjoy bunch of Android apps on your laptop or PCs on a big screen. Well, Nox App Player can grant your wishes. It is an android app-based Emulator that can easily run on Windows 7, 8 & 10 version and mac.

Features of Nox

1. Easy to set up and install in your PC, Mac or any other machine.
2. Nox app is free of cost.
3. Any android app like WhatsApp messenger, Facebook, etc can be downloaded and it can easily run on the player.
4. All you need is a google account and setting your play store id and password.
5. There are multiple settings on the app like volume control, sharing your location, taking screenshot, rotation of screen, video recorder, etc.
6. Any games can be played smoothly with good graphics and no lagging.

How to download Nox

1. Click on the given below button to download the app.
2. You will be redirected to a download page where you would be able to choose the device type you have. Click on the correct file.
4. After clicking on this link, Nox app is downloaded.
5. Click on the app, it will begin to install.
6. After installing, add a Google account, to do this click on settings.
7. Add your account from setting and sign in to play store.
8. Voila! Now your phone settings are in your PC/Mac.
9. Enjoy your favourite subscriptions on big screen.

Download Nox for PC


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