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Nox Player AppIn today’s world smartphones are taking an edge over all the equipments such as desktops, laptops etc. But sometimes it becomes difficult to use some apps or games from one’s smartphone. This is where softwares such as Nox player come into picture as these let you operate your smartphone by the use of a computer. This moreover provides huge comfort to the user as one can play games with ease or do other stuff related to work with a greater ease and in synchronization with the smart phone.

Features of Nox

So the features of Nox player are:-

  • The app runs on Android 4.4.2 due to which it can run almost every app available on the app store.
  • The player includes a ‘root’ emulator with the use of which the transfer of files becomes just like a drag and drop from smartphone to pc or vice versa.
  • Also, the app is very user friendly as one can customize the controls due to which one can make the keyboard adapt to any game of his/her choice.
  • This software supports multiple control of device which is a major requirement as the speed of work is increasing day by day thus leading to need of better management.

How to download Nox

Downloading of this player is as simple as a click as you can simply click on the below link which will redirect you straightaway to the download page of the player from where you can simply confirm your download and the player is there in your pc ready for an easily installation ahead.

Download Nox for PC


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