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Nox Player AppAll of us want to have big screen phones to use our apps properly. However, these big screen phones are not as big as PCs, and the problem is that we can’t use android apps on PCs because of it’s file type. The only solution to use android apps on PCs is to convert its files and make it compatible for PC. You might be thinking, that you can’t do this without any technical knowledge. This is not true, you can easily make it possible without any technical knowledge. Just use Nox app for this. You will have to download it in your PC and download the android apps using this player. It will help you to run these apps efficiently in your PC.

Features of Nox

Nox is packed with numerous useful features. Let’s now check them-

  • This app allows you run all android apps on PCs platforms by converting its files.
  • It allows users to search for the apps in the player itself and download them.
  • It has customisation options, in which user can set their qqq skin in the player.
  • It is compatible with windows and Mac both.

How to download Nox

Want to have this app now? don’t worry we have made it easy for you. Download it from the below given button.

Download Nox for PC


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