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Nox Player AppNox is an application designed for both Windows and Mac OS which helps users run an android application on their PC. It is specially designed for playing Android games on the PC platform. Based on the popular Android 4., that is Kitkat, Nox provides some unique features which makes it stand out from the rest of the Android Emulators out there. It has a large user base with over 150 million active users all around the world. Also being available in many languages means anyone can easily use it.

Features of Nox

Some of the features making Nox stand out are:

  • Offers an alternative to Play Store from which you can download any application you want even if it’s not available on the Play Store.
  • Support for Gamepad means you can easily play all the popular android games without any extra configuration.
  • Increasing support for controllers means you can plug in your favorite controller and play games right away.
  • According to the hardware specification of your computer, Nox can help you adjust the performance parameters such as the RAM allocated to the application as well as the number of CPU dedicated.
  • Has the ability to switch between windowed or fullscreen depending on what you like.
  • Users with more capable hardware can switch to 1080p resolution from the default 720p.
  • Offers a large set of function on a sidebar including support for vibration, screenshot, location, auto-rotate, etc.
  • Supports both types of graphics rendering (DirectX and OpenGL)

How to download Nox?

Play all your favorite Android games on your PC now by getting Nox from the link below:

Download Nox for PC


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