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Nox Player AppNox Player App is known by all Android users that if you want to use Android apps on your computer you first have to change them or as we call it ready them. This process is known as emulation. You do not need a degree in software to do it. It can be done simply with an emulator app. You can easily download one from the play store but the fact that it has to perform such complicated functions may give birth to a lot of issues, errors etc. That is exactly why you need to use an emulator that is not only efficient but stable as well. Nox is arguably the best emulator app out there in the market. It serves all of the required functions with stability. The best part is that it does not compromise on the efficiency and effectiveness. It has been around a long time and that’s why it is a given that it will have many versions. Each one better than the last one.

What’s in Nox v6.1.0.1?

This particular version boasts an improved interface which will be an answer to previous complaints about the user interface being a little dodgy. It also has optimized the viewing angle problem with the PUBG mobile. This was refreshing as it has been a nuisance for a while now. Startup problems were also fixed along with boosted game compatibility issues that have been reported in the previous versions. User experience has been overall enhanced but the reviews have yet to be recorded.

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