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Nox Player AppNox Player App is available and compatible for both Windows and Mac. It gives the users the privilege to use this emulator on to any device without any boundaries in it’s functionality. Nox Player App does not include any complications in it’s working. It is a user friendly emulator and very easily brought under control. You can easily and within no time realize the tactics of how to use this emulator.

What’s new in┬áNox

Nox keeps updating itself with new features and additions that help bring in the demands of the users to modernise it’s usage. Similarly, the newly launched version of the Nox Player App has got a lot many handy things to tick on your check list, like –

  1. Optimized game experience and performance, along with picture quality.
  2. Optimized and developed the wheeling operation to make it’s functioning smoother and faster.
  3. A button has been added that keeps you just a click away from cleaning up all the Google services cache that take up the space in your device.
  4. The NIC driver uninstallation error has been fixed
  5. There have been bug fixes and repairs in the emulator. Emulator repair and diagnostic features have been one of the additions that allows you to check for any troubleshoot.
  6. A few of these features can be downloaded on the upper right corner that is, System Tool to download any kind of bugs in your emulator.

Download Nox for PC

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