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Nox Player AppAndroid emulators is what we all need to run our favourite android apps on PC. But have you ever checked that which emulator would be best for you. There are various android emulators available on internet but not all of them provide all apps to download. Nox is an app that supports all android apps in PC. It also gives you better control features for games. It is easy to use and gives you easy options to search for any app.

Updates of Nox 3.0

Nox keeps updating the player with new versions. These versions comes with improvements and fixes. Here are the updates of Nox 3.0-

  • A new feature has been introduced in the app which is video recording.
  • Introduced Auto torch macro recording feature in the app.
  • Operation tips are also added in the app during startup process.
  • It has now redesigned its user interface by changing the system settings of app.
  • Now users will be able to customize the side bar options on the app.
  • Previous version users were getting problem with Facebook compatibility. It has now fixed it also fixed the overall compatibility of app.
  • Users were having location detection problem in the app, it was showing location obtain failure, which has been now fixed by Nox.

How to download Nox 3.0?

To download Nox you can click the button you will get below the article.

Download Nox for PC


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