Download Nox on Amazon Fire TV/Stick

Nox Player AppAmazon Fire TV is becoming famous these days as it enables the user to get all the latest content on the TV without any effort. All you need is a TV with an HDMI adapter in the device.That’s it, you can connect the Amazon FireTV via the HDMI port, and it will connect the TV to the Wi-Fi network.Thereby you can control the TV with Amazon FireTV remote.

Features of Amazon FireTV:

  1. Amazon FireTV runs on Android and it will convert the TV into a Smart TV.
  2. You will be able to access the internet via the Browser in the Amazon Fire TV which comes preinstalled.
  3. You will have a wide range of application that comes loaded in the device and you get install you own to customize based on the needs.
  4. You will have the Amazon Prime contents that are integrated and the other Amazon services are at a finger touch to access.

Nox player is Android emulator and it is one of the top-notch and best in class software for the running the application on the devices. So here is a simple guide to get Nox player on the Amazon Fire TV.

Features of Nox player:

Nox allows you to run the android application on any devices without any hassle.

Nox player lets you get the app working without any restriction such as RAM requirement and graphics quality.

You can also run the application in both the normal and the landscape mode and alter the setting for input.

How to Install Nox on Amazon Fire TV:

  • Navigate to the Nox player download page.
  • ¬†Click on the link to get the application downloaded into the amazon¬†firestick.
  • Open ES file explorer to find downloaded file in the system.
  • Open the downloaded file in ES file explorer to install it on the device.

After installing the Nox player on the device, you can easily run the required application on top it.



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