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Nox Player AppLinux is an open source operating system that is available on the internet. Linux OS is used by many techies and in the organization for the open source development.
Android, on the other hand, is a mobile operating system which is backed by Google which is the most used OS on the mobile platform.
There are many applications that are developed in the Android for the device and these apps are restricted to the Android platform. Hence it will be not possible to run these apps on the other platform. If you wish to run the application on Linux there are certain steps to the download.

Nox player is one much application in the market. Nox player is an Android emulator. These Android emulators are a software application which provides the virtual platform on top the running devices to acts as the Android device.This makes the Android application to work well with the Nox player.

1) You can download the Nox player from the Official Nox download page.
2)There is two version of the Nox player. They are Online and Offline Installer. The online installer of Nox player lets you connect to the internet and use the application. It requires an active Internet connection every time you get the app started.

Note:The offline version is the little heavy application with all the contents required for the application in local and hence you can run the application without any internet requirement.

3)Click on the download link on the Nox player page and install it on the system.

4)After installing the application, you can start the app and run the desired android application.

But Nox player is currently available for Windows and you can use the other alternative options that are available such as Android x86, Remix OS, and Anbox.

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