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Nox Player AppNox is an application which has been designed to give you the facility to enjoy android apps in your PC.The application is available for free of cosyt and this is what makes it in the reach of all. The application is available for the Mac and Windows PC, so whichever platform you are using you can download and enjoy this app. The app allows you to download any game or app you would want to enjoy in your PC. The android apps can be accessed from the Google Play account.

Features of Nox

The Nox player app has the following features that you will find useful-

  • The application is available for free of cost, therefore you would not have to pay any kind of subscription fee for the app.
  • It is available for Mac and Windows both. Separate versions of the app are available for the app.
  • The application allows you to use the search box to search the app you want to download in your device.
  • The application allows you to login into the google play account to download the apps.
  • You can have multiple logins of the Google Play account.

How to download Nox

To download Nox player in your device you would need to click on the givenn below download link. With this link you will get a download page from where you would be able to download the app for your PC.

Download Nox for PC


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