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Nox Player AppNox app player is an android emulator for imitating android software on computer PC, Laptop , tablet, joystick or any similar kind box . Users are most benefited from emulations as they can easily watch the same android screen in a much bigger outlook. The efficiency of the content can also be further increased by attaching external attachments like keyboard, mouse , speakers, joystick, etc. It creates a replica of android operating system apps.

Features of Nox

 Background skin is reversible and can be changed.
 Android software can be cloned on various operating system like iOS, windows, android , etc.
 By setting the Configurations, automatically google play password and id is backed up and logged in.
 This app provides various essential functions like sharing hotspot, Wi-Fi, sending current
location via chat, volume button for adjusting the volume , taking a screenshot, intensify
reading, using shortcuts for social media ,mails, etc.
 It uses 86/AMD format .
 Use of external devices to make the best out of imitation.
 Allows users to enjoy games, movies, edit pictures, chat, connect , read , etc.
 All android apps are available on nox player.

How to download and install NOX app Player?

 Search for the download link on the given website and search for the download button
 As there are two android emulator link so, For off line installer, go to:
 Downloading will begin and by double clicking , install the nox player.

Download Nox for PC


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