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Nox Player AppNox Player app is an emulator available for PCs which makes the users able to run android applications in their PCs. The apps and games of android platform can easily be accessed in the PCs and there would not be any kind of technical issues.The application can be used free of cost as it is available totally for free. The interface of the app is too easy to understand.

Features of Nox

1. You will be able to enjoy ‘n’ number of games while downloading it on your PC with the help of Nox player.
2. Games like angry birds, GTA, temple run which strictly runs on phone would be available for you in your PC.
3. It allows you to modify apk.
4. It is available for free of cost so no need to pay money.
5. This app has features like volume up and down button, screen rotation, taking a screenshot, sending location while chatting and many more.
6. It is AMD compatible and keeps on updating with their newer versions and features.

How to download Nox

To download Nox application in your device follow the given below steps-

  • Click on the link. You will get a download page choose for your device and downloading starts.
  • Double click to install the application.
  • After installing, go to settings and sign in google account and password. You may require the play store credentials.
  • Nox player is ready for configurations and setup to play your favourite games solely on Nox player.

Download Nox for PC


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