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Nox Player AppNox app player is an android emulator which can perform similar functions of Android on any other box like PC, Laptop, tablet, joystick, and any other such box. People are now realizing the value of emulations as their eyes get tired on day to day use of small screens on mobile phone. Just to add more fun while playing games, watching live shows and movies, nox player gives a variety of options.

Features of Nox

  • While playing games, the keyboard and mouse are used for controlling sensitive movements.
  • Skins can be changed on Nox player to make it more attractive and new.
  • Configuring of Nox app can be setup by google play password and id.
  • This app includes various features like sharing hotspot, Wi-Fi, sending current location via chat, volume button for adjusting the volume, taking a screenshot, intensify reading, auto rotation, brightness button, using social media and new features.
  • It is X86/AMD format and file compatible.
  • Joystick can be attached externally to play games.
  • Android app gallery is available for downloading.
  • This app can only work with rooted android mobile phones.

How to download Nox

To download the Nox player in your device, click on the given below download link. This will open a download page. Download the app for your device from this page by clicking on the download button. Downloading will begin and by double-clicking , install the Nox player.

Download Nox for PC


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