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Nox Player AppNox Player app simulates android mobile applications into other devices like Mac, computer, tablet, joystick. Nox player app has gained popularity as android imitations have become popular these days as users wish to download games or watch news or live sports which can be available in much wider screen.

Features of Nox

1. Nox player uses google play store id to setup the account and password. With this Wi-Fi can also be setup and further app can be downloaded.
2. There are almost every app available on play store as it’s basic function is of imitating the android software.
3. This downloaded file can be converted into a simpler APK version.
4. This app is available for free from the website and updates it’s latest versions with new features.
5. This app allows multiple features like volume up and down button, screen rotation, taking a screenshot, sending location and many more.
6. Nox player is AMD compatible and fixes bugs regularly to maintain the quality.

How to download Nox

To download the app in your device you would need to follow the given below download steps-

  • Click on the given below download link and downloading starts.
  • Double click to install the application.
  • After installing, go to settings and sign in google account and password. You may require the play store credentials.
  • Nox player is ready for configurations and setup to play your favourite games solely on nox player.

Download Nox for PC


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