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Nox Player AppIn this rapidly developing era of Information Technology, everyone knows that Android is the unquestionable king of operating systems. According to a survey conducted worldwide, 74% of the users prefer Android operating system. At the same time Microsoft and Mac OS have their own advantages and also they have a set of customers who prefer them. Here comes the problem of compatibility. A user cannot operate Android devices on a Mac or Microsoft based device. This article has the answer to all such complications in your daily life- the Nox player. It is a tool that increases the compatibility of Android apps by enabling them to run on your windows or Mac computer. It is an app with smooth and easy setup process which includes logging in with your Google Play credentials which gives rise to the automatic loading of the Android apps associated to your account and it offers a wide variety of customizations. NOX player cannot be misunderstood as a heavy program under normal user conditions. It provides a variety of control choices such as use of mouse, assigning of hotkeys to each app or even integration of a joystick for gaming purpose. Being free of cost Nox is multi-tasking ready and rest depends upon how powerful your computer is.

Features of Nox

Features of Nox are-

  • Free of cost
  • Stable and free of crashes
  • High compatibility
  • Multiple controller support
  • Keyboard mapping
  • 100% safe
  • Multi-tasking ready
  • Easy to set up

How to download Nox

You can download Nox from the given below download option.

Download Nox for PC


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