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Nox Player AppHave you ever tried downloading your android apps into your PC? Have you ever succeeded in that? No? Try using the Nox emulator. Nox is an android emulator which makes it possible for the users to download the android apps easily on the PC. The user would not have to make any technical changes or to interfere in any other way as the emulator itself does everything for you. The Nox emulator is available for Mac and Windows both which makes it even more easier for both platform users to use android apps.

Features of Nox

The Nox Player comes with a lot of features that makes it a wonderful emulator. Here is the list of the features of the Player-

  • The app is a free app, which means that you would never have to pay for the app or any of its features. All of its features are available for free of cost.
  • It lets the users to use the android apps in their PCs.
  • As the player is the multiplatform app users would not get any problem in installing the app in their PCs.
  • The app also has a search option where user can find the app they want to download in their device.

How to download Nox

The Nox app can be easily downloaded in your device with just few clicks. You would have to click on the download button to download it. Once clicked a page would appear where you can choose the right file for your device and download.

Download Nox for PC


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