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Nox Player AppIf you wish to run any of your Android software or application on your PCs or Macs then Nox Player is the right software for you. Even if it means running simple messaging applications such as WhatsApp to running any of the gaming applications. It is also faster than a lot of the other software or applications that provide with you the same service. More than all of this it is available for free to download and installation. The installation also comes in very handy and does not have a complex process. You can directly start using Nox Player after the installation without signing up to any subscriptions and payment.

Features of Nox

Following are the key features of Nox Player

  • Highly compatible with the Windows Operating System.
  • Requires a constant updation from day to day.
  • Is highly stable and does not crash or hang.
  • Also has Keyboard Mapping features.
  • Very friendly and easy to use.
  • Has a very subtle user- interface.
  • Easily available for download.
  • Supports Google Play login.
  • Multiple Logins are allowed.
  • Search option is also available which helps in searching the apps

How to download Nox

The Nox player app is available for multiple platforms. The app thus can be downloaded in any of the devices. The app would get downloaded in your device by clicking on the download button. Once clicked, a download page would appear where you can download the app for your device.  Click download and get the app.

Download Nox for PC


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