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Nox Player AppNox Player is an Android application emulator for the PC which is similar to the Bluestacks and allows us to download all the Android applications in the emulator. The Nox limited team has developed the player for the sake of users wanting to run the Android applications on the PC. The player was especially launched for Android games to be played on the PC with utmost smoothness and does not lag. The Nox player is a cross platform software which supports the Windows and Mac operating systems. The app smoothly runs all the android games and does not trouble the user. The Nox player has a customized user
interface and gives the same feeling as an Android device. The player is the highly rated Android emulator and is free from all malware and viruses.

Features of Nox

1. The Nox player has a variety of utility tools gives a smooth and fast user experience.
2. The player has feature of downloading all the android applications and games from the Google Playstore.
3. The external hardware such as keyboards and consoles required for high end games are supported by the app.
4. The app is small in size and uses only a little amount of RAM in the CPU.
5. It supports a wide range of themes and wallpapers for customized user interface.
6. The Nox player has the feature of multi-tasking same like the Android devices through which several apps can be used at a time.

How to download Nox

The Nox player can be downloaded using the link mentioned below-

Download Nox for PC


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