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Nox Player AppNox player is an Android emulator that allows Android apps to run on PC. Be it exciting games or favorite apps, everyone wants to use it on a large picturesque to extend the range of fun and display. It is better than the primitive emulator BlueStack, having advanced features and less complexities. It is an added incentive to gaming lovers who would love to play on a larger resolution. Developed by a team of innovative-minded people in Hong Kong, This player is the best app-player designed for running applications or games on PCs. Nox player inherits the Android features for better game and app development.

Features of Nox

Nox player rescues the users from small size accessibility. It inherits amazing features which not only makes it one of the best app for games but also provides a free platform for smooth and efficient running of applications. Some of the prominent characteristics of the player are:-

  • ┬áDeveloped on an Android foundation, NOX player is a robust site which provides secured access.
  • Error fixation is easy.
  • Nox player operates on Android 4.4.2 kernel.
  • Guided Integration with Google PlayStore.
  • Enhanced compatibility with AMD processors.
  • Supports secure input/output connection and plug-ins.
  • Multiple Android instances can be executed simultaneously without much hassle.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Excellent CPU and RAM utilization.
  • User-centric application.

How to download Nox

The Nox player can be downloaded from the provided link. The link will take you to a download page, where you can choose the file for your device and download.

Download Nox for PC


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