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Nox Player AppNox App player or Nox player is a free software which let you use Android applications on your Personal Computer basically Nox player is a free Android operating system emulator. One separate Mac version is also available for Apple products. This Nox player creates a virtual Android system on your desktop. This ensures that you can use various useful applications with convincing of your desktop. You can enjoy your favourite games and other android applications now on PC with the benefit of a bigger screen, very easy controls and with better hardware performance. Users can modify settings including custom screens and assigning CPU resources. You can use external devices to enjoy in full swing. Nox app player let you log-in on multiple accounts simultaneously.

Features of Nox

Various Features of using a Nox App Player Software-

  • Easy to use software – Nox App player has a very simple interface which let user easier operation.
  • Great Stability – This app player provides a stable, efficient, powerful and reliable platform.
  • Supports – This app player software supports external devices to improve gaming
    experiences and let us support multiple control devices.
  • Android Updates – This app player keep updating its software so we can use this with all upcoming Android versions.
  • Speed – Optimized the start response and restart time which lets you experience the speed.
  • High Resolution – Nox App player with the 16:9 aspect ratios avoids distorting graphics.

How to Download Nox

One can easily download Nox App Player separately for Windows and Mac. The link for download is provided here-

Download Nox for PC


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