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Nox Player AppHave you faced the problems of your phone’s operating system crashing at moments when you actually need it to work wonders for you? Have the multitude of apps made your phone slow? We, here, have the solution to these problems. What you need to do is to install a free emulator called Nox Player in your PC which will allow you to enjoy the facility of Android applications in PC. You can easily divide the number of apps so that neither your phone nor your PC gets slowed down.

Features Nox

 Don’t you wish that despite your usage of heavy impact apps, the operating system doesn’t freeze? If yes, then Nox Player is the ideal emulator for your PC because it not only doesn’t freeze or crash, but also, is very quick.
 Unlike other emulators, Nox Player is designed, keeping in mind, the Android 4.4.2 Kernel.
 From messaging applications to social media apps, from games to camera, everything has its own place in this emulator. So, you don’t need to worry about which apps can be used from the computer.
 The only difference between an app stored in your mobile and an app present in your PC via emulators is that you can’t tap and open, you need to click. Also, at times, they aren’t portable which can be annoying. To lessen this disappointment, Nox Player comes with Shaking features.
 The availability of Google Play store and browser increases the chances of being your dependable friend whenever your apps on the mobile crash.

How to download Nox

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