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Nox Player AppNox is an app that allows you to play the games on PC. You might be thinking what’s new in that? Well, the app allows android games on your PC. You would be able to download them and play them on your PC. Whatever the platform you are using right now, Nox would get downloaded in it easily. Once you have download this app, using android apps and games becomes easy. The app is quite easy in use. You would just need to know how to operate your PC and nothing else. As the interface is user friendly.

Features of Nox

The Nox player is an amazing app with loads of features. Let’s know about its features which are mentioned below-

  • The app is free to use, that means you would not have to pay to use this app.
  • It allows downloading of android apps and games on PC.
  • It supports both type of PCs, Mac and Windows. So, downloading it would not be a hassle for you.
  • The app allows you to log into your Google Play account.
  • Multiple Google play account can be logged in this player.
  • The player is good for games, as this have much better controls for gaming than your smartphone.
  • It provides you a bigger screen for games.

How to download Nox

Nox player can be easily installed in your device. You would have to click on the download button to get this app. After this you can install the app.

Download Nox for PC


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