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Nox Player AppNox app player is an android emulator which acts as a bridge between your mobile and PC. It helps to use all your favorite
mobile apps directly on your PC or laptop. The player is user friendly, so if you are worrying how you would use it then no need to worry about it. The interface is quite simple that anyone can use the app. This app is best for gaming purpose as it not only allows you to download android games on PC but also provides you better controls for playing games. The other advantage is that it will obviously provide you bigger screen for your games.

Features of Nox

The app has many features that make it user-friendly. Let’s check them-

  • Nox can be downloaded for Windows 7 upto Windows 10 and is also available for Mac.
  • The app is based on Android 4.4.2 kernel.
  • Has good operating speed and does not freeze while in use.
  • Can play all types of games and apps easily.
  • Provides Google Play store and Google browser.
  • Some of the apps will be already installed with the Nox player app.
  • The player allows multiple google play account logins.
  • It has a user friendly┬áinterface.

How to download Nox

Nox player is downloadable in Windows and Mac both. So just click on the link to download the app without wasting more time. Once you click that download button you will get a download page where you can find the supported Nox file for your PC. choose it and download the package.

Download Nox for PC



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