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Nox Player AppDownloading android apps in your PC is a big challenge as both devices have different files and thus apps of both are developed with different compatibility. That’s why using the cross platform apps is not possible for us. However, there is an app that makes it possible and i.e Nox player. Nox is an android emulator which means a software which converts the android files into PC’s compatible files. This makes it easy for us to download android apps in your PC. This android emulator is available for download in windows and Mac PCs. Also the app is free which makes it available and useful for all the people who want to use android apps on PC.

Features of Nox

Nox has got many useful features which are mentioned below-

  • The app converts the android app files into your PC’s compatible files making it usable in your PC. With this app you can easily run android apps on your PC.
  • The app is customisable. It allows you to change its background skin.
  • It has a search option where you can search for apps to download them.
  • This app is free for use, that means no subscription charges would be required to pay.

How to download Nox

Want to enjoy Nox apps in the bigger screen? Then download the app in your device. To download you would have to click the given button which will take you to a download page where you can choose the file which is compatible with your PC.

Download Nox for PC


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