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Nox Player AppNeed to download any android app in your PC? Puzzled how to do that? Try using Nox player for downloading android apps in your PC. This app is the one which would be really helpful in downloading android games and apps in your PC and using them conveniently. You would not have to worry about the file type or any kind of coding to make it compatible to your PC. Whatever you are using, a Mac or Windows PC, Nox can be easily downloaded and work on it. This app is thankfully free which is the best thing for those who are not willing to pay for apps.

Features of Nox

Nox comes with many features that are useful for you. Let’s check them here-

  • This app can easily convert the android apps and games into the windows compatible apps. You can download them and run easily on PC.
  • This app is a free app which doesn’t have any hidden subscription or premium feature.
  • The app allows you to search for any android app within this app. You would be able to type it in the search box and search for it to download in your PC.
  • This app allows you to run multiple accounts of Google play.

How to download Nox

You can download Nox easily with a click. We have made it easy by providing a download button below. You will need to click on it and download the app in your PC. Once download double click and install it.

Download Nox for PC


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