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Nox Player AppHave an android smartphone? Then you must be enjoying the apps or games of android phone as well? Yes or need a big screen to enjoy? We are asking you these questions, because it is possible now to enjoy android apps and games on a big screen then why you are compromising with your phone’s screen? Which big screen we are talking about? Obviously PC. You can download and use all the android apps in your PC without any problem. Not only apps, android games are now also downloadable in PC. But for this you would need Nox player. Nox would allow you to use apps easily as it will make all apps compatible to your PC.

Features of Nox

You can find numerous features of Nox app. Here they listed-

  • This app can convert the android apps and games into compatible apps for PCs.
  • It supports Windows and Mac both. Users may find a different version of Mac.
  • It allows you to enjoy the games of android platform on a big and better screen with amazing control gestures.
  • It has a search box in it, which allows you to make search for the app to want to download in the PC.

How to download Nox

Want to have this app? You would need to just click on the button we have placed below. Click on it and install the app to enjoy.

Download Nox for PC


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