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Nox Player AppDo you want to play your favourite android game on PC? Download Nox now to enjoy gaming on PC. Nox is an android emulator that makes your games accessible on PC. This player is not only for games but you can download other apps on PC too. This excellent emulator works like a magic, as it totally converts the android supporting files into the executable files which are compatible for your PCs. Nox is a free player that obviously would not take any money from you for its amazing services. To use the app you would need a PC with Windows or Mac, as it is compatible for both.

Features of Nox

The features of Nox player are its specialty. Let’s know about them more-

  • ┬áThis player is best for android games, as it provide better controls for gaming purpose on PC.
  • You can download any game or android app on your PC with simple clicks.
  • This player provides an easy interface that makes it convenient for all.
  • It has search option, where it would not be a difficult task fo ryou to search for your favourite app and download it to your PC.
  • It provides a bigger screen for gaming.

How to download Nox

To download the app few steps would be needed. Just click the button of download you will get below and Install the app.

Download Nox for PC


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