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Nox Player AppNox, designed by is an android emulator based on the popular Android KitKat operating system. It is specially designed for gamers who want to enjoy all the latest Android games on the PC platform and don’t have an Android device. With over a large user base of 150 million and growing, Nox is cross-platform meaning it works on both Windows as well as Mac and is available in many languages.

Features of Nox

• Sports a user-friendly interface and is easy to understand even if someone is using an
emulator for the first time.
• There is a menu to the right of the screen which offers a range of special functions such as vibrate function, use a fake location, video recorder, auto-rotate, screenshot etc.
• Users can choose what keys they want to press to emulate a particular button in games such as the aim button or the shoot button.
• Has a pre-defined set of controls for the most popular Android games.
• Supports a huge number of gamepads and game controllers and the active development of Nox means the list is ever increasing.
• Performance parameters can be customized according to the user’s requirements such as
those related to CPU speed and number of cores dedicated as well as the amount of RAM dedicated to Nox.
• Installed applications are easy to find since all of them as listed on the home screen itself as opposed to an app drawer.
• Includes a windowed and a fullscreen mode helping you multitask or focus entirely on games.
• Users can now switch between 720P and 1080P resolution.
• Supports both DirectX and OpenGL rendering.

How to download Nox

Experience all android apps on your PC by downloading Nox today from the link provided

Download Nox for PC


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