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Nox Player AppHave you ever wondered how your friends are able to play android games on their PC comfortably?? You might have tried it too, but we know why you were unable to do so. You would have tried downloading the android apps directly on your pc. Is it? If this is the case then you are not following the right procedure for downloading these apps. You might have heard about android emulator. Android emulators are for making the android compatible files workable in PC. One of such and best android emulators is Nox Player. It allows you to play all android games on your PC. Not only games, the player has the capacity to support other apps too.

Features of Nox

Following are the features of Nox emulator-

  • It makes all android apps workable in your PC.
  • It allows you to change background skin and do the customisation.
  • It gives you an opportunity to play the games and use such apps in a big screen.
  • It provides better control options for games.
  • Nox can be downloaded in all platform based devices. So whatever it is Mac or windows, you can enjoy your apps on nox.

How to download Nox Player?

Nox can be downloaded in your PC easily. You would have to click on the given download button first. It will start downloading the file. Install it and enjoy gaming.

Download Nox for PC


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