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Nox Player AppWhenever someone asks me about the best android emulator, I only suggest them Nox. Why? Because it is free, it is reliable, it is safe and has many such functions which is hard to find in the paid emulators too. Like what? Read here.

Features of Nox

  • Download anything- The best part of Nox is that you can download anything from this emulator. However, you can only download the android based apps and games from Nox. So you can download any app or any game of android and play it on your PC.
  • Free of cost- Nox is actually the best android emulator we have come across. It has many good features which you might not even get if you use the paid android emulator. But here, in Nox, you can have all such features in free of cost totally.
  • Easy to use- Whenever someone new in this line heard the name Nox, they get the assumption that it is something very technical and difficult to use. However, it is not true. You can use Nox very easily without being someone very technical. It is easy to use. In fact, it is the easiest android emulator you can use.
  • Bigger screen- The main function of nox is to allow us to use the android apps and games on our PC. And that’s how we get the better view as we will be using it in our PC and not in our phone screen.

How to download Nox

Click on the given button and download Nox.

Download Nox for PC


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