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Nox Player AppNox player is an android emulator with which you can easily get all your phone apps in your PC. Many times it happens that we want a bigger screen for the games we play on our smartphones. Smartphone gives us access to a lot of apps but we have to compromise with the small view in our phones. Nox breaks this limit allowing you to enjoy phone apps in PC. It creates a virtual tablet on your PC that supports Android apps. It provides you a PC view of these apps with CPU resolution. Nox player comes with customizable options that give you the power of customizing all options and keyboard controls.

Nox Release Notes

Nox player never lags behind in updating itself with the latest releases and making regular required changes in the app. In Nox player, new changes have been made to make it more useful. Here are the updates company has made in its Nox player release-

  1. The issues and bugs of the previous version are now fixed in this version of Nox player.
  2. Now it has improved the compatibility of Nox player with CATS.

These were the changes made in the new release of Nox. It is one of the best emulators to download your Android apps in your PC. So, don’t wait anymore just download Nox player on your PC and make your gaming experience better.

Download Nox for PC


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