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Nox Player AppWe all use phone, but smartphones limit us in some way. We couldn’t get a big screen and good control options as we get in our PCs. The amazing apps we get in our android phones are not available for PC. But, somewhere we all want to use all those apps and games on PC. Fortunately, Nox player allow us to do so. Nox player is an app that allows you to use all android apps and game on PC. It is an android emulator which give us a chance to use android apps on bigger screen. Nox player comes with themes so that you won’t get bored with same background. It also provides good keyboard controls for all games and apps. Downloading Nox player is beneficial for all of us as it opens all doors to use android apps freely on our PCs. Nox player always keeps itself updated with new versions. Let’s know more about Nox

Release notes of Nox

Following updates have been made in the Nox

  1. Previous version of Nox was showing an error ‘ Digitally signed driver required’ in some windows 10 computers. In Nox company has fixed this error.
  2. Nox has introduced a Google play hot game board in this version.
  3. The startup errors which users were getting earlier are now fixed. Overall performance of Nox player has been improved.

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