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Nox Player AppWho would not prefer playing the games of android on a much bigger and comfortable screen? Yes, I’m talking about the laptop. All of us wants to play such games on our laptop since the screen is perfect for gaming. However, as mostly these games are android based, we can not play it on our Mac or windows laptops. But not anymore. we can play the games and also can use such apps on our laptop with the help of Nox which is an android emulator. Yes, it is perfectly safe, and the most important thing is that it works for free. You can download the app and start playing the games. But for that, you really need to see the downloading guide first. Let us take a quick look.

Change logs of Nox 2.5

We have listed some of the major changes you can expect in this specific version, Nox 2.5.

  • We’ve come up with increased compatibility, better stability and a strict and reliable account security.
  • We have added a new feature of on and off button for the root mode in this version.
  • We have also fixed the startup errors with the operating system.
  • Added a new feature of backup and restore the main Nox instance data.
  • Now it is perfectly compatible with the games likes DAungeon striker, Angry birds, Angry birds 2 and etc.

How to download Nox 2.5?

Do you want to download the app? Scroll it a bit.

  • Press the button of download here.
  • Start installing the app and make sure to continue by clicking on ok for accepting the terms and conditions.

Voila! App is installed.

Download Nox for PC


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